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Maintenance & Support

You’re Seeing Better Results Than You Ever Expected! So, What Comes Next?

After we’ve worked together to establish and implement a solid digital transformation strategy, what comes next? You didn’t think we’d leave you high and dry, did you?! We are in this together, and the team at Kryzm Digital is committed to providing you with ongoing tech support for the first year. And after that, we’ll be happy to remain available to you for an annual fee.

How Does It Work?

During the first year, we’ll take care of everything for you. Domain names, website design, hosting, and on-demand support should you need assistance with anything. Setup, troubleshooting, general maintenance questions, anything. We’re here for you 7/24/365, starting from day one.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

During that first critical year, we work closely with each client and strive to establish great working relationships. After our first year, we would love the opportunity to continue to build and nurture our relationship by providing ongoing tech support and maintenance. Give us the pleasure (and sometimes stress) of ensuring smooth integration of your digitally enhanced business. After all, you’ve got better ways to spend your time than worrying about technical issues – leave that to us. And we’ll be there for the long haul.
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